Imagine if EVERY WINDOW in America doubled as a solar panel – the energy and money we would all save

There’s nothing “The Man” (Corporate America) hates worse than people living “off the grid.” Whether you choose not to use city water, corporate electricity, cable television, cell phone towers, modern plumbing, or even the local grocery stores and pharmacies, being self-sufficient and thrifty is a capitalistic sin in this country. God forbid you should also consider home-schooling your children and opting out of toxic vaccines – for that is “anti-American” and simply not participating in “the norm.”

Now, thanks to a tech startup company on a mission to save people thousands of dollars on energy bills, state-of-the-art commercial windows are now fully transparent with solar cells installed at just the right angles at their edges that are solar power generating. Yes, you read that right. This amazing ingenuity allows for the incoming solar light to be efficiently transformed into … wait for it … electricity.

New power-generating windows are featured on the World Economic Forum Technology Pioneers List for 2017

A typical commercial building, for starters, doesn’t have ample roof surface area to install enough solar panels to make the whole estate “energy neutral.” According to the creators, these solar panel windows can generate up to 10 watts. How much power is that in laymen’s terms? That means you could charge a phone twice a day for each square meter.

This past June in the Netherlands, a bank was outfitted with the new “Physee PowerWindows” covering 30 square meters. The bank employees can literally plug their smart phones and smart devices into the innovative windows with USB ports and charge up.

What a wonderful beginning this could be to metropolitan cities around the world, and even urban and suburban America, using less fossil fuels, like gasoline, coal, and natural gas. Next on the agenda for Physee is installing the solar panel windows in a huge, newly built 19,000-square-foot residential complex called the “Bold Tower” in Amsterdam.

When will every type of glass become equipped with power? Are solar blinds also in the works? Physee is already working to triple the efficiency of their PowerWindows, including transforming the windows with a special coating that turns incoming sunlight into near-infrared light using a rare earth metal called thulium.

Heading for an energy-neutral world, one window at a time

What better sustainable potential for changing the world is there than to create an aesthetically-pleasing window that converts natural sunlight into power? Move over Monsanto, with your biotechnology “Frankenfood” cancer-causing nightmares. Out of the way GE, with your mercury-laden toxic light bulbs.

Maybe corporate America could somehow become responsible this way, and start caring about the environment, if even just a little bit. The word sustainable may not be just a buzz word in corporate America anymore. With power generating solar windows and vertical green-houses, living off the grid just became a whole lot more feasible and economical.

Now all you need is a well for your water (and a Big Berkey water filtration system), a septic system, and some sort of wifi that doesn’t give off dirty electricity because, as the Lord knows, none of us can survive these days without the internet.

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